How to Become a Bus Driver




Obtain a CDL Driver's License with passenger endorsement:

Approximately twice a year, the Ascension Parish School Board hosts a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class to assist those interested in becoming a bus driver. The class is given by state certified trainers. We call this class Pre-Service Training. Once you complete the class, you must follow up with the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) to take a written CDL test. Our class should prepare you well for the written CDL test. Some other steps to complete the licensing process include various ride along on a bus with another driver. Our current drivers will assist you with this step.

The pre-service training is one week long. It is usually scheduled on a Monday thru Friday from 8am until 4pm. Class sessions are advertised in the news paper or on the APSB web page.

There is no charge for this pre-service training for those who seek employment in the Ascension Parish School System. The class is open for those who seek employment as a driver outside of Ascension Parish however there is a charge for out of district participants. Contact the APSB Transportation Supervisor for Details.

There are also costs associated with obtaining the CDL license from the La. Department of Motor Vehicles. Those who complete the licensing process, obtain a valid CDL and sign up as a sub driver in Ascension Parish School System may be eligible for re-imbursement of DMV licensing expenses. (For information about potential re-imbursement opportunities for licensing expenses, email the Transportation Supervisor)

Other Mandatory Requirements for APSB Bus drivers:

Pass a CDL Physical

Pass a Pre-employment Drug Screen

Pass a Criminal Records Background Check

Become a Substitute Driver:

Applicants who meet all requirements may be signed up as substitute drivers. Sub Drivers are used daily during the regular school year. When our Regular Drivers are out on sick leave, substitutes are called upon to run the route.  Substitutes are currently paid $63.00 for each full day driven. Sub drivers are not eligible for benefits.

Full Time Bus Driver Positions:

When there are full time Driver vacancies, substitute drivers may apply to fill the positions.  Employment Opportunities

Work Hours - Full time drivers work 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon, for a total of 30 hours per week. Full time drivers work 9 months out of the year during the regular school session. Drivers are off during the summer, unless they are chosen to drive summer school routes. Summer School is usually 30 days. Summer school is not mandatory for drivers.

Current information on full time bus driver salary and benefits are posted on the Human Resources Department Page [Open Link]


Qualified School Bus Drivers in other school districts who seek employment as a School Bus Driver in the Ascension Parish School System should contact the APSB Transportation Supervisor to discuss.


CDL Holders who are currently driving Commercially that seek to become a school bus driver are encouraged to participate in our Pre-Service Training in order to obtain the passenger and School Bus endorsements on your CDL. If you are interested in making this transition, please contact the APSB Transportation Supervisor.


Important Notice regarding Bus Driver positions: Bus Drivers are considered "Safety Sensitive" positions in Louisiana Public School Systems as our drivers are responsible for precious cargo!! In accordance with State laws and regulations, drivers are required on a yearly basis to pass a physical and to provide proof of a current valid Commercial Driver's License. Drivers are also subject to random drug screen tests as well as post accident drug screen tests. These requirements are in place to ensure the safety of our students.

If you have any questions about becoming a bus driver, please contact our Transportation Department at 225-391-7344 or or


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