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2016 Bond Information:

2013 Special Projects

The 2013 Special Projects were funded by a surplus of local taxes due in large part to industrial expansion projects.

2009 Bond Information 

Additional Information:

How to participate in Design and Construction Business with APSB:

We are currently receiving many calls regarding business opportunities related to our recent Flood damages. After the flood, we hired a Recovery Program Manager to assist us with the facility renovations and replacement of contents at our flooded sites. Our Recovery Program Manager will follow our normal procedures for selection of Architect/Engineers and Contractors, however our normal procedures may be modified as necessary to satisfy any applicable FEMA guidelines.

Our Architectural Selection method is described at our A/E Selection Process link

For selection of General Contractors, we follow LA. Public bid law. Public Works projects that require advertisement and bids will be advertised in our Official Journal. Contact the APSB Purchasing Department for the most current information on our official journal and open bid processes.

We also post our bids on in order to provide for digital submission of bids.

In order to be involved in our selection processes, we recommend that you suscribe to or monitor our Official Journal. You may also monitor our Planning and Construction Homepage for periodic updates.

If you have questions about Planning and Construction activities, contact JoAnn Johnson at She will assist you or direct you to someone who can answer your questions.


Chad Lynch

Director of Planning and Construction

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