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In Ascension Parish — for parents who choose to continue their child's education from home this fall — there is Ascension Public Schools Online Learning. We offer grades K thru 12 a comprehensive, flexible curriculum. That's all online, all community-based, and all tuition-free.



In addition to our online Blended Learning Program (BLP) that we have offered in our district since 2013, we will be offering a new online option for the 2020-21 school year.

BLP is a flexible program administered and monitored through our APPLe Digital Academy in which students engage in learning at any time throughout the day with video recordings and assignments through an online format. Within this program, the student is still considered a student at their home school and has all of the same advantages as a student on the home school campus.  However, the student's learning and instructional support is provided through the teacher at APPLe. Available hours are set at APPLe for BLP students to attend for instructional support and testing. Participation guidelines and goals are set that the student must adhere to in order to meet school attendance requirements. A parent or guardian is responsible for assisting the student with staying on track and meeting deadlines. This online option is ideal for students and parents that want the advantage of more flexibility as to when a student must be engaged in their coursework. Learn more about our BLP program.

The new program will be called Home-Based Virtual Learning. Instruction will be provided by and monitored by teachers at the student's home school and is more closely aligned to the learning experience provided in our "traditional" school setting. The flexibility as to when the student will be able to complete assignments will be limited in this online instructional setting and may vary by school as schools work to meet the needs of their particular students. This online option is ideal for students and parents who prefer the home school learning experience and wish to remain connected to their home school.  




If you're already an ascension public school student

If you are already enrolled in Ascension Public Schools, you will be able to register for the online program starting July 17, 2020.


If you're not an ascension public school student

If you live in Ascension Parish but are not currently enrolled in Ascension Public Schools, you must first register as a new student before you will be able to register for the online program. To register as a new student, click on the school (at the bottom of this page) and then select new student registration. Our online programs are only available to residents of Ascension Parish.


Applications for Online Learning have closed - 7/30/2020