All vacancies are filled through the completion of a school board’s application.  The applications are prioritized according to qualifications with consideration being given to parents who have participated in the program.  The application will include three references and the criminal reference check.  An interview will transpire.  A letter of declaration stating all pending and prior criminal arrests and charges related to child sexual abuse and their disposition; convictions related to other forms of child abuse and neglect; and all convictions of violent felonies must be provided.  Each application must be reviewed individually to assess the relevancy of an arrest, a pending criminal charge, or a conviction.  A period of probation may be established during which time the supervisor will observe and make recommendations for permanent employment.  At the time of employment, an employee must follow the requirements established by the Ascension Parish School Board and also adhere to the day care, health department and Head Start mandates.


Due to Head Start Act section 648A, teachers hired at Head Start are required to have at least an associate degree or a degree in early childhood.  Teacher aides may be hired with less certification, but must realize that for employment past two years, they will have to obtain a CDA.


For more information, please contact Head Start’s main office.