Clubs & Organizations

Excellence in Extracurricular

beta club

  • Sponsors: Claudene Cockrum, Bonnie Steuer, Missie Delaune
  • Fee: $25/year for new member; $15/year for old members
  • Description: Students will have the ability to grow as a community, participate in service projects, and work as a team to make their world, school, and home a better place.
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black history club

  • Sponsors: Dennis Chander, Dineska McZeal, Tyler Turner
  • Fee: none
  • Description: Students will gain knowledge of the powerful history of African Americans and apply it to their everyday lives.  These experiences will enrich their understanding of one another and develop their minds to create a better future.


CME (Cooperative marketing education)

  • Sponsor:  Monica Caillouet
  • Fee: $35/semester
  • Description: A work-based learning program available to seniors to provide hands on experience through both classroom instruction and paid employment in the areas of Marketing Sales, Hospitality, and Customer Service.
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creative handS art club

  • Sponsor: Jeannine Lenox
  • Fee: $15
  • Description: Students across campus, who share a love of art, come together to build relationships and feel a sense of belonging. The club participates in school events, donates to causes and interacts with other schools in the parish (when invited). The club also takes an annual field trip to NOMA, which is some students’ first time seeing masterpieces in person or visiting any type of art installation/exhibit.   
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deca (distributive education clubs of america)

  • Sponsor: Monica Caillouet
  • Fee: $20 annual dues
  • Description: DECA is an international association of high school and college students studying marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality and marketing sales and service.  Students in Grades 9-12 who have an interest in the field of marketing and retailing are invited to join DECA.  DECA members have the opportunity to: participate in Toys for Tots,         participate in a candy fundraiser, attend the Louisiana DECA Competitive Excellence Conference, attend the Louisiana Sports and Marketing Entertainment Conference and attend a New Orleans Basketball game, attend Louisiana DECA Career Development Conference
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digital media club

  • Sponsor: Tina Johnson
  • Fee: None
  • Description: Students will learn camera techniques that will help them in completing projects to help inform the school and community about what is going on around them.
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ea steam team (environmental club)

  • Sponsor: Dr. Erika Poarch
  • Fee: None
  • Description: Students will learn about the significance of saving our environment and how to take care of it.  They will also have the chance to partake in student-led projects that will improve the environment.
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fbla (future business leaders of america)

  • Sponsors: Alicia Williamson, Renni Diez
  • Fee: $20
  • Description: The purpose of this club is to promote business activities and competitive events for students interested in a career in business.
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fcs (fellowship of christian students)

  • Sponsors: Claudene Cockrum, Karla Migues
  • Fee: None
  • Description: Students have an opportunity to pray and share with one another in the Christian faith.
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  • Sponsors: Keisha Nall, Myra Boudreaux
  • Fee $20
  • Description: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.  All students must be enrolled in an AgriScience class.


  • Sponsors: Lauren Rodrigue, Karla Migues
  • Fee: $10
  • Description: Students have the opportunity to become more involved in their school and community as well as work with the Rotary club.
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la jobs for america's graduates career association

  • Sponsor: Michelle Miller
  • Fee: None
  • Description: Students enrolled in JAG are automatically part of the JAG Career Association.  The club goes along with all of the skills learned in class.  Members are required to complete 15 hours of community service. 

mu alpha theta

  • Sponsor: Collin Ford
  • Fee: $15
  • Description: Students will compete in math tests and games against other mathletes in the state.

national honor society

  • Sponsor: Jamie Andrews
  • Fee: $25 (includes a shirt)
  • Description: National Honor Society members are actively involved in programs such as Linking Lives and Habitat for Humanity which allow personal growth by learning empathy for those less fortunate. 
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philosophy society

  • Sponsor: Aaron Pendleton
  • Fee: $20 (includes a shirt)
  • Description: The goal of the club is to instill students with a greater sense of perspective, awareness, and purpose in life.
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  • Sponsor: Phil Blanchard
  • Fee: $20
  • Description: Students will receive the much needed introduction into the tech world.  By offering student work to the community, we hope to advance our community with low cost services while giving students real-world experiences.
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Senior Mentors

  • Sponsors: Amanda Lambert, Meagan Duncan
  • Fee: $20
  • Description: Senior mentors are chosen to serve as positive role models & leaders for the Freshman class.  They are responsible for leading all SPEAR lessons and helping to spread EA culture, traditions, and leadership.
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Share CLub

  • Sponsor: Katie Guthrie
  • Fee: None
  • Description: This club is about student helping each other academically and socially.  Upper classmen volunteer to tutor their peers and gain a sense of comradery as well as advance student learning in any subject.  Free tutoring occurs every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Spanish CLub

  • Sponsors: Caroline Evers, Paola DeLuna, Lizalis Auzenne, Lizjane Reid, Susana Carranza
  • Fee: $20
  • Description: Students will collaborate to create culturally enriching items to compete at the annual state convention.  Students will also organize school-wide events for cultural awareness of  Latino community presence.
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Thespian Society

  • Sponsor: Dr. Comeaux
  • Fee: $25
  • Description: The Thespian Society is open to all EA students, regardless of grades.  The end goal is to produce a show in the Spring.  Our club is also actively involved in volunteer work with A.C.T  

Yearbook Club

  • Sponsor: Michelle Wade
  • Fee: None
  • Description: Members contribute to the making of the yearbook and also help sell yearbooks.  Students will get real-world journalism experience as well as involvement in activities around campus. 
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