05-03-21 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


We are very grateful for the shared commitment to make the initial days of third- through eighth-grade state assessments a success.

04-26-21 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


I just want to take a moment to applaud everyone as we arrive upon the annual state testing window. You have all done amazing things to get to this point. We are excited to see the outcomes and results from these annual state assessments. However, we want to remind everyone that these assessments do not define the hard work and dedication of our students, our schools, nor our school system.

04-01-21 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


As we go into the Easter Break, I would like to take a moment, once again, to express gratitude to everyone who contributed to a successful school year thus far.

03-05-21 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


We hope this message finds you all doing well and looking forward to a successful final nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year. We are grateful every year to successfully reach this point, but because of the challenges experienced this school year, this milestone is even more special.

01-04-21 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


Happy New Year! We hope that the holiday season was special and that you each are left with many great memories of a wonderful time with family and friends. Now that we are back to business, we look forward to the spring semester and all that is ahead for our students.

12-18-20 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


I know we are all looking forward to the days ahead as the holiday season is something we all anxiously anticipate each year. We are very proud of our students who found ways to overcome very unusual circumstances to pursue their education in order to successfully complete Semester 1 of the 2020-21 school year. We know our students endured many new processes that included face coverings, unexpected days of quarantine, and many other abnormal routines. Yet, they stayed the course to make academic progress this semester. We are very grateful for their unwavering cooperation as well as the support and encouragement that came from our students' parents and guardians!

12-08-20 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


Students are finishing up their final couple of weeks of the first semester. Whether online or in-person, we are proud that students have invested well, and we know that their hard work will be rewarded in the years to come. We also know that students are grateful for all of the effort teachers and staff have put forth for them to support their learning. Everyone is looking forward to the annual Holiday Break, but we still have important work to do over the next two weeks to finish strong this semester.

11-25-20 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


Yesterday, Governor John Bel Edwards issued a new Executive Order for Louisiana’s response to COVID-19.  During his press conference, he complimented the work of Louisiana’s schools and applauded the efforts to follow safety guidelines that enable schools to offer in-person learning while mitigating infectious spread. 

11-24-20 A Message from Superintendent David Alexander


Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced Louisiana will go into a "Revised Phase 2" starting tomorrow until Dec. 23, 2020. We are waiting to see the details of the Executive Order, but Governor Edwards did state that a decision on the operations of schools will be made by local school districts.